Discover Žižkov – Prague`s main beer area with brewer&sommelier

In the second half of the 19th century the Eastern suburb of Prague, which is situated along the road to Vienne, experienced a significant transformation from the agricultural location with fields and vineyards into the industrial centre with entrepreneurs and houses of wealthy inhabitants of Prague. It was called Vinohrady, and its northern part was usually called “on the road to Vienne”. In 1868 proactive local businessmen suggested to rename this part into Zizkov and it was done in 1869. In 1875 the entire area of Royal Vinohrady was divided into two separate regions – Royal Vinohrady I and Royal Vinohrady II. Royal Vinohrady I became the heart of Zizkov. In 1881 the restless energy of Zizkov businessmen allowed to obtain a special decree of the Emperor Franz Joseph and establish the city. Almost 40 years Zizkov city was independent which can be easily noticed in its architecture, topography and population. Zizkov’s independency allowed to save the spirit of the previous centuries after 1922 when Zizkov became a part of Prague.  Till nowadays the spirit of old Prague is felt on Zizkov, when on the Parukarzka hill grapes grew next to the bullet plant and Jaroslav Hashek wasted his fees in the local beer bars, while Gustav Meyrink and Karel Chapek were wandering here and there. Zizkov is a homeland of the famous Nobel prize-winner – Jaroslav Seifert. Unique history of the region and its enormous energy turned Zizkov into inimitable mix of boheme and working class, which had founded beer culture of Zizkov.

We walk through the best Prague pubs which located in the main beer district – Zizkov. Unique history and its enormous energy turned Zizkov into inimitable mix of boheme and working class. Our jorney begins from the pint of the fresh „Ležak“ (Czech lager style beer) in “Pivotéka ŽižkOff” where you are introducing to the malts, hops and brewing process which is the main secrets of the mystery the best beers in the world. Then we will proceed to the main architectural sights along the way visiting the most interesting pubs and tasting different styles of beer. We will learn how to taste the beer and try classical and сraft beer samples. Our journey will take place both in the old restaurants rooted in the early XX century and in modern pubs, where local yourth gathers.


Duration of the beer tour 3 hours.

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