Germany Beer Tour: Beer Paradise of Franconia

The country of the ancient Franks, even seasoned travellers rarely visit this part of Germany. Franconia represents a sub-region of Bavaria with its unique cultural and gastronomic heritage. Nuremberg is the main town of Franconia.  This area is known as  the “Bavarian Venice”, consisting of Bamberg and Bayreuth, the home of Wagner.  Since 2012 we have been discovering surprising new things about Franconia, its beer (Franconia is a homeland of Keller Bier), and also its architecture and nature. Beer tours to Franconia will be interesting to the real gourmets, who don’t go the blazed tracks of Bavaria.  


Franconian Switzerland, which is situated to the north of Nuremberg, is a hilly district with beautiful meadows and valleys, dissected by rivers. The purest air and epic landscapes attract thousands of tourists from Germany. This region can offer unique recipe “Kellerbier” and “Pils” beers.

We will start our tour in the town Weissenohe, which is located at the bottom of a woody hill in an Alpine valley. Our first beer to try is by the Klosterbrauerei Weissenohe brewery. Full of positivity, we will go to Gräfenberg to discover its landscapes and to examine beer from the “Brauerei Friedmann” and “Gasthaus Lindenbräu” breweries. After wandering around the town, we make a beeline to the next destination –  Hohenschwärz, where a cozy family restaurant “Brauereigasthaus Hofmann” will be waiting for us with its delicious pork dishes. Then, we will make a decisive march to the final point on our beer route – Thuisbrunn. Those with a good appetite, will be able to taste many local dishes. We will go from Thuisbrunn to Nuremberg, where a lot of nice attractions and sights await us. After checking in at the hotel, we will visit the best beer locations in Nuremberg. Walking across this beautiful city, we can admire Duerer’s hare, climb on the Kaiserburg and, after a mountainous dinner at the legendary “Bratwursthäusle” we will be ready to return to Prague.


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